Agile launches to the market an offer for SAP customers who wish to migrate their current database for SAP HANA.

It is known that SAP will provide support for R/3 and Business Suite until 2025. Although it still seems distant, it is not too early for companies to start considering the strategy that will take them to HANA, specially because S/4 HANA has required their customers the installation of the platform.

“In order to help companies with this new scenario, we designed a special offer for those who want to start migrating their database to SAP HANA and get the in-memory processing advantages, migrating to S/4 HANA at the best possible moment, explains Roberto Lazari, Commercial Director.

Agile’s RDS, Rapid-Deployment Solution, supports database migration to SAP HANA without interruption of SAP ERP’s existing scenarios in an efficient way. The implementation model takes advantage of a range of accelerators and a predefined scope for the rapid adoption of SAP HANA, optimizing your SAP Business Suite. This simplified process eliminates most of the risks involved in migration and uncertainties about the activities and performance schedule due to automation steps, as well as a structured planning and a well-defined scope.

For more details about this offer, please contact the commercial team.