SAP confers on Agile a certification for building a successful demo landscape in Business Suite on HANA.

The system was tested with some frontends to analyze data from SAP ERP and execute transactions in a more friendly way than the conventional SAP GUI. Among the tested interfaces are:

  • SAP Fiori (23 applications adapted for mobile devices and desktop usage);
  • SAP Lumira;
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Client;
  • SAP Screen Personas;
  • Microsoft Excel with Advanced Analysis (with HANA connections).


The new environment provides an efficient analysis based on a large volume of data and multiple sources, thus it is possible to examine, for example, peak sales periods and details on specific hours of each business transaction, in addition to relate those information with other variables as location, sales information, customer details, POS, etc.

Finally, the system provides efficient support for management decision making, since it is based on BSoH performance and analytical features.