Improving the integration between organizational structure, processes and permission authorizations’ model

Access Profiles training was developed for customers that want to protect their operations, programs and services from unauthorized access. In the functions segregation concept, the administrator defines authorizations to users and determines the actions they can perform in the SAP system after connecting.

Access Profile

Target audience and requirements

The program is aimed at IT professionals with a focus on Basis and Infrastructure, internal auditors and information security analysts. Users must have functional and processes knowledge, understand the company organizational structure and, preferably, know about individuals responsibilities. 

The course covers the functions segregation and authorizations matrix concepts, including the matrix drafting and modeling in SAP. It also features reports on access and permissions granted.

Access profiles consistent with the company reality

Our consultants are trained and qualified to assist in the evaluation and application of the functions segregation procedures that best fit with the customer computerized environment, in order to eliminate or reduce exposure risks. We can perform this service, or even train your employees to perform this task.
Our methodology is developed in a way that, jointly with our customers, we can draw up an authorizations matrix and provide it to the access profile users’ administrator, suitable to the company operational reality. Subsequently we carried out the administrator training, so that he can make the matrix monitoring and maintenance.


  • Processes vision that assists in the administration, maintenance and auditing of users authorizations;
  • Reduces delay in time to enable the access to the environments;
  • Reduces security and access failures that are not in accordance with the processes, functions, and positions of the organization;
  • Strengthens management procedures and regulations for users’ authorizations;
  • Eliminates rework at the time of the system upgrade.



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