Reliably produce reducing costs and improving quality

Agile provides solutions that support the agroindustrial sector main challenges: Operational efficiency and control, human capital management, productive process intelligence and improvement, corporate management, assets and maintenance management, operational costs reduction, and the maximization of transport and agricultural machines use.



Proposed solutions

  • Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC);
  • Suppliers Relationship Management (SRM);
  • Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S);
  • Business Intelligence / HANA;
  • Agile AgroBiz;
  • Human Capital (HCM).

AgroBiz solution is certified and duly prepared to integrate to SAP applications.

Focus on the business main pain points

Agile has developed a vertical solution for agribusiness using the SAP NetWeaver platform and SAP business applications for solving one of the main problems in the segment, the lack of communication between the agricultural, industrial and administrative areas. With  integration to the SAP ERP, the AgroBiz solution becomes a performance analysis tool, since it projects, calculates and tracks the production costs totally oriented to the company’s value chain (Formation, Planting, Harvesting and Processing).


  • Transparency in the management model;
  • Efficient monitoring of production process;
  • Standardization and domain over processes (demand planning, sales, logistics, finance and accounting, production, supplies and inventory);
  • Unique management system (Agricultural/Industrial/BackOffice);
  • Easy system management and maintenance;
  • Increased agility in the monthly closing process;
  • Absence of information replication.

Agrobiz is properly certified and complies with the SAP development recommendations. Among its processes, the solution comprises the financial, logistics (materials and distribution), manufacturing, human resources, labor health and safety areas, as well as all the field and raw materials suppliers’ relationships

Agrobiz solution easily integrates to the SAP NetWeaver platform, and contains all the required content (software and settings) to serve the Agricultural and Bioenergy sectors, accelerating the implementation and providing functionalities ready to be used, such as agricultural management, quality management and contracts management.


Efficient control of agricultural processes from beginning to end


Agricultural Planning and Contracts Management: Covers the entire production cycle, going through the  preparation of the soil, planting, cultural treatments and harvesting processes, activity control, operations optimization, resources administration, budgeting, and maintenance management. The application enables  cost reduction along the chain and improves productivity, quality and the relationship with suppliers and partners.


Origination: A solution for the planning, execution and management with  land owners; leasing, cash loans and services execution. It works with financial controls with a real-time current account.

Management Indicators: An interesting solution with the possibility of applying goals and making follow-ups.

Unique system for agricultural – industrial – backoffice management

Input and Outputs Hub: Management system integrated to the physical scales. It provides all the real-time controls and registers for material, quality, inventory updates, and suppliers, partners’ and customers’ situation.

Industrial Bulletin: A bulletin with all the necessary information about agricultural materials (considering the product quality and impurities), in its production process. It works like a Cockpit and serves as a single management tool for the industrial area.

Financial Management: Control and functionality of loans and financial investments integrated to SAP. A projection and simulation tool of the future cash flow.

Human Resources: The SAP HCM implementation. A complete solution for HR management, including the "complex” agricultural workers payroll (which links productivity to payment per employee) and the EH&S implementation (health, labor safety and environment modules).


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