The recurring changes in the Brazilian tax scenario require companies to be prepared to provide accessory obligations more complex by the day; with an increase of registration information and additional processing that overload ERP systems and IT teams in order to keep the company in tax compliance. Tax Intelligence and Management Platform, TIMP, is a solution designed to ensure an integrated and consolidated management of the tax life cycle, from features such as process management, audits, control over adjustments and credits, beyond the generation/maintenance of accessory obligations in the Federal, State and Municipal spheres.

About ALLTAX Platform

ALL TAX Platform is a joint venture between three companies: Lex Consult, specialized in tax planning; AGILE, consulting company with an extensive experience in solution development based on SAP HANA; and SAP as a strategic partner, adding value in software development in its areas of expertise.
ALL TAX Platform provides integrated solutions for tax compliance across the organization’s lifecycle, from the tax strategy definition to post-implementation monitoring.


  • Tax planning simulations with trend analysis;
  • Flexibility in tax updates, avoiding loss of solution continuity due to changes in legislation;
  • Total control of operations via workflow and tax calendar;
  • Full attendance to the legislation in four levels, from the generation of accounting documents to accessory obligations;
  • Document management and total control of changes, enabling operations traceability.


SAP Tax Declaration Framework is a native solution integrated to SAP ERP which brings several innovations to the tax area. It has a unique information base for the generation of SPEDs blocks information, helping Brazilian companies to be consistent with tax authorities, reducing operational costs with audits, analysis and evaluation of tax data. ALLTAX TIMP solution serves as a complement to TDF, performing taxes obligations calculation. Furthermore, TDF has correction services direct on the base, features to CIAP and management of delivery obligations.


According to a Banco Mundial research*, brazilian companies invest the most time in comparison to other countries, maintaining themselves up to date with tax obligations, in other words, they spend more time preparing and/or accomplishing their tax payments. In addition to that, the country has one of the highest tax burdens in the world, 34,5%, according to IBPT (Instituto Brasileiro de Planejamento Tributário), holding the first position in Latin America and the Caribbean.
In this scenario Agile; in partnership with ALL TAX Platform, has the necessary expertise to effectively collaborate with companies who are looking for integration, accuracy and speed when meeting their tax obligations, with a high level of flexibility and security, reaching great benefits for their businesses.

*The study was conducted in 2014 and is based on three types of taxes processes: income tax; value added or sales tax; labor taxes.

TIMP solution is built natively on the SAP HANA platform and is integrated to the SAP ERP and SAP TDF, in full compliance with the future Roadmap of SAP solutions.

The platform was designed to give users total flexibility to create reports and manage rules and obligations, so they can easily extract the data needed to perform the analysis and tax verification activities. The solution basically consists of six integrated blocks.

Solution Map

To meet the different needs of its customers, AGILE offers two solution implementation options: TIMP Cloud and TIMP OnPremise.

For companies that do not have TDF, TIMP can be used as a cloud calculation tool, called All Tax Cloud Platform (ACP). The ACP uses SAP UI5 and SAP Fiori in the development of it's screens, simplifying the user experience and becoming more user friendly.


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