Make more profitable business easier

Agile Solutions offers to companies focused on Procurement the Ariba solutions, developed under the cloud computing concept. They enable companies to connect with their business partners more intelligently, allowing faster sales and managing the money more efficiently. Ariba Solutions include features such as: Expenses Visibility, Supply Network, Contract Management, Procurement and Expenses, Invoicing and Payment, and Suppliers Management. 

Without the installation of software or hardware, professionals can connect with their partners’ or colleagues’ digital communities, share information, best practices, and exchange advice with experts as if they were friends in a social network. Thus, buyers are able to quickly discover new supply sources, salesmen can easily reach new clients, and financial managers can make better decisions for working capital.



  • Point of integration between clients, suppliers, and partners;
  • More efficient collaboration around sales, purchasing and finance processes;
  • Low IT risk and cost;
  • More efficient supply, invoicing and payment processes;
  • Compliance of process, contracts, regulations and strategies;
  • Speed and consolidation of the entire business processes cycle;
  • Increase in revenues. 

Ariba solutions are offered through subscription or on-demand. As they are cloud-based, they have a low cost and do not require hardware or software installation, or upgrades to be managed. 

The system is accessed through the Web, and the companies have total flexibility to add features when and where they are needed, such as, for example, Business Intelligence applications.


To ensure the solutions safety and reliability, these are fully tested and monitored. In addition, they can be easily integrated into ERP and BackOffice systems. Customers using Ariba solutions receive more qualified leads and expand their capacity to coordinate proposals, negotiate contracts, accept orders, deal with commercial invoices and manage electronic payments from multiple customers in a single location.


Better performance, reliability and safety


Ariba solutions are classified according to the key activities of a Purchase (Procurement) company.

Procurement: Solutions that comprise the Expenses Analysis, Supply, Contracts Management, Procurement and Suppliers Management activities.

Sales: Solutions that support the Sales Management and Contract, Marketing and Sales Programs, and Orders and Catalogs Management processes.

Cash Management: Payments Administration, Invoicing and Receivables Financing Management.