Real-time visibility of assets efficient performance and management

Agile has created a customized solution to serve companies that have works/assets in progress, and which in the future will become fixed assets, for example, energy and construction companies, which need a development with prorating rules for obtaining the final proportional cost of each project/asset.


Assets Management

Asset complete lifecycle

The development is a SAP Asset Management standard solution extension and, therefore, presents, in addition to the prorating particularities, additional features.

It is worth mentioning that the solution meets the Brazilian regulatory agencies requirements and demands, such as Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency) and Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency).

Maximize your assets value

Agile supports organization in the efficient management of their business assets. With end-to-end integrated functionalities, our solution can help you reduce operating costs and improve the assets utilization.

When managing assets in all its complexity, the companies can improve their management and performance, reduce equity and capital operating costs, extend assets lifecycle and, subsequently, improve the return on assets (ROA).


  • Costs accuracy;
  • Automated management within SAP instead of manual operations;
  • Fast and efficient assets management;
  • Real-time visibility of assets performance and maintenance;
  • Projects integrated management and centralized information;
  • Resources optimized planning and scheduling;
  • Improved financial analysis and balance sheets – accuracy of all revenues and costs related to the asset.

Agile solution for assets management was developed within SAP in ABAP, impacting on the PS, FI-AA, MM and CO modules. It is mainly intended for intensive capital companies, facing tough challenges to deal with high-value assets and equipment, where each failure brings significant costs to the organization.

With the solution assets owners and operators, service providers and all departments of assets services network have real-time visibility of its performance and maintenance. This way, companies can reduce operational costs, manage capital expenditures and improve the asset use and productivity.

Assets Management

Efficient and sustainable management of assets entire lifecycle

Energetic Requirement

Investment planning and asset specification: Control on planning and business simulation, investment management, specification and design, and projects collaborative management. 

Assets construction, installation and implementation: Supplier qualification and selection, contracts and competition management, projects and changes collaborative management, information transfer for mobilization and startup, and projects and investments control.

Maintenance and operations management: Technical assets control, maintenance planning and implementation, preventive maintenance, mobile assets management, employees and contractors control, fixed assets accounting, maintenance budgeting, and assets performance analysis. 

Deactivation and deletion resources:Assets transfer and deletion, engineering and projects collaborative management, wastes management and compliance.



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