Real-time business responses from analysis from large volumes of data

Big Data consultancy services help you uncover hidden opportunities in your business data. Using the Design Thinking methodology, we discover business priorities and critical needs, and later implement the best solution to meet them with speed.

Big Data

What is Big Data?

Big Data refers to the challenges of capturing, storing, managing and analyzing large volumes of data (structured and unstructured), from one or more systems, and with great speed. Big Data is an opportunity to change how you work. Organizations are using it to re-imagine achieving what is possible. 

The Big Data strategy can be applied to any market segment. Among the main performance areas of Agile are vertical Retail, Services, Consumer Goods, and Telecommunications.



End-to-end services

Agile can help you define and implement a big data strategy to transform data volumes into clear business perceptions and maximize your performance. Industry knowledge: We help to identify, develop and conduct innovative business ideas, and we support our customers from the start till the implementation of the strategy. Data differentiation: Using mathematical models and algorithms especially developed to efficiently process large amounts of data, we provide accurate future performance predictions. Prognostic: With performance analysis and decision support capabilities, our experts can evaluate the options that will ensure an optimal business result.


  • Instant Business responses from real-time analysis;
  • Real-time reports with just one click;
  • Flexibility to adapt to the market’s constant changes;
  • Management of huge volumes of data at high speed;
  • New insights from complex and predictive analysis;
  • Simplified IT infrastructure;
  • Simulation of new scenarios in real–time;
  • Intelligent decision-making;
  • Quick answers to questions you could never ask before.


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