Meeting the sector main needs

Agile has developed a vertical solution for bioenergy using SAP NetWeaver platform and business applications that allows improving communication between the agricultural, industrial and administrative areas, carrying out the sugar cane plantation depletion non-linearly and calculating the sugar cane cost per plot.


Bio Energy

Operational Excellence

See how Agile Bioenergy solution supplies the segment bottlenecks with efficiency and innovation.

Standing out for a solid and competitive growth

The Bioenergy solution includes the financial, logistics (materials and distribution), manufacturing, human resources, and labor health and safety areas, as well as the planting planning, cultural treatments, harvesting and the product entry in the plants.

All of this integrated, making the solution a complete performance measure system and a powerful projection, calculation and monitoring model of production costs - totally oriented to the company value chain (from formation to the processing).


  • Increases the alignment between strategy and operation;
  • Optimizes productivity and profitability;
  • Reduces risks and improves corporate governance;
  • Immediate access to the company information;
  • Increases flexibility and supports the sector changes;
  • Transparent and unique management system that optimizes IT investments;
  • Solution properly prepared for integrating to SAP applications. 

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