Develop and adapt business processes quickly and flexibly

From the SAP NetWeaver integration platform, our customers can benefit from the flexibility provided by the tool to manage changes with efficiency, and respond to new challenges and business opportunities.


BPM and PI

A comprehensive platform

SAP NetWeaver offers a component-based architecture aimed at meeting the specific needs of each client in terms of features and license values. This practice generates more scalability for the company and also allows improving individual components without interrupting ongoing operations in the production environment.

In addition to PI and BPM, Agile works with other SAP NetWeaver components, such as Application Server, Business Intelligence, Portal, Master Data Management, Mobile, Auto-ID Infrastructure, Web Application Server, and Identity Management. With them you can manage changes effectively and grow your solution simultaneously with our business. Contact our experts to find the best model for your company.

sap business process management & sap process integration

SAP BPM is a SAP NetWeaver component that helps you optimize operational processes. With it, it is possible to compose the process steps; define business rules and exceptions; efficiently execute flow modelling and process models, without codification; and create user interfaces based on proven technologies, such as theWebDynpro development environment and interactive forms.

SAP PI is a SAP NetWeaver component used to facilitate the transfer of information between SAP and non-SAP software with systems inside and outside company limits. It can be considered an advanced messaging system, because it intercedes exchanges between applications using connectivity, protocols, and variable data formats. Currently, it is seen as one of the main tools for the development of cross solutions.


  • Quality and efficiency of business processes;
  • Flexible corporate strategies;
  • Reduces errors and redundant and complex tasks;
  • Common repository for interfaces;
  • Innovative business processes;
  • Greater business value and performance;
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership.

SAP BPM comprises all procedures necessary to ensure the efficient and reliable operation and flow of business processes. The solution consists of three main components: The first, Process Composer, is a processes modeling studio that provides IT and business experts a shared environment for the co-creation of new processes and adaptation of existing ones. Process Server is the engine responsible for the execution and creation of the business processes.

It manages all versions of each process, monitors the instances created for each version, and accumulates data on the execution of each instance, providing a rich source of information for the processes analysis and optimization tool. Finally, the Process Desk allows processes users to perform the tasks assigned to them, while the processes are executed. It ensures the full control of privileges through an authorization mechanism based on user profiles.



  • A NEW REALITY FOR THE INTEGRATION AND INNOVATION of processes SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, formerly called SAP Exchange Infrastructure, allows you to connect different systems (SAP and non-SAP), from different versions and programming languages (Java, ABAP, and so on). Based on an open architecture, the solution uses XML standards and Java environments, and provides services that are essential in a heterogeneous and complex landscape, such as:
  • Modeling and construction of messages, transformations, and integration processes between cross components;
  • Configuration options for the collaborative management of message flow and processes;
  • Runtime for the message and management process;
  • Adaptation Engine for integrating heterogeneous systems components, and message and processes flow monitoring.