Maximize profits without compromising the quality, safety and regulatory compliance

Agile, understanding the complexity of the processes involved in the chemical and petrochemical industries, uses SAP solutions developed for these sectors, in order to meet its main objectives:

  • Keep people
  • Assets and environment safe
  • Optimize the return on capital employed (ROCE)
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Ensure effective orders service
  • Obtain higher returns on product innovations.
Chemical and Petrochemical

Proposed solutions

  • Supply Chain (SCM);
  • Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC);
  • Business Intelligence (BI);
  • Product Lifecycle;
  • Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII);
  • Human Capital Management;
  • Sustainability Solutions;
  • SAP EHS;
  • Tax management (AllTax).

An agile solution for Chemical/Petrochemical companies increase operational efficiency and enable the continuous processes monitoring, with real-time analysis results and streamlined integration.

Improve productivity with process integration for most expressive results

Petrochemical industry solutions help companies avoid costs and increase profitability, by simplifying and integrating processes related to exploration, development, production and oil processing, the management of the execution of supply chain activities , collaboration with suppliers, improve the use of service and maintenance teams, and deal with major corporate financial activities.

The solutions for the chemical industry give companies reliability to manage information and conduct industry-specific functionalities. These offer features for the sales and supply chain operations planning, quality management, revenue and batch management, in addition to granting customers, products or segments detailed reports. Thus, it is possible to succeed in a volatile market.


  • Production processes, supply chain and product development visibility and timing;
  • Optimization of asset performance ;
  • Identification of new business opportunities and anticipation of market needs;
  • Efficient EHS management
  • Maximized P&D investments;
  • Trademark protection;
  • Efficiency to deal with regulations and with price volatility;
  • Reduced maintenance costs;
  • Optimized sales and services;
  • Better collaboration with partners;
  • Balanced supply network;
  • Better logistics and financial execution.

The solution for the chemical/petrochemical industry is based on SAP NetWeaver integration platform, which provides the foundation for multifunctional business processes. Added to a service-oriented architecture (SOA), it increases the company’s adaptability and flexibility, because it connects all the company’s information in one place, with national, regional or global level visibility.

In addition, the system is user-friendly, showing the user the most necessary information in only one screen. So it is possible to access relevant data in real-time, such as products details, information on environment, labor health and safety, inventory, prices, market indicators, materials availability, transport, etc.

Chemical and Petrochemical

Anticipate the risks arising from technological, political and regulatory changes

Chemical and Petrochemical

The solution for the chemical industry can be used by companies of all sizes, including global companies, which need to create a business model and replicate it to its subsidiaries. It integrates business processes of the company’s main areas: Supply Chain, Sales, Planning, Procurement, R&D, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Transportation; so it is possible to coordinate the entire business activities scope: from estimates to orders entry, to projects and production planning management; from maintenance services to invoicing and profitability analysis.

The software for the petrochemical industry consists of a predefined set of business applications specific to the sector. This portfolio includes SAP Business Suite solutions and supports the company areas, such as HR, Operations, Finances and Supply Chain. The solution allows the company to automate and simplify operations, since it integrates industry complex processes, such as: Upstream management; supply, transmission and trade; refinery and production; marketing and downstream retail; assets management; corporate services management; support and maintenance.

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