bet on the cloud era and break boundaries 

At the beginning of 2013 Agile became the first SAP partner in the world certified in  SAP Cloud applications and since then offers the broadest portfolio of solutions, providing  customers the flexibility, choice, and control needed to boost innovation and their business agility.


cloud computing

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a computing model that moves data and users applications to large storage centers. With it, applications, files and other types of information do not need to be installed or stored on the users’ computer, this content becomes available in the “clouds”, which are remotely accessed, via Internet or corporate network. 

The cloud solutions offer a unique experience for the user, as they are centered on people and developed on-demand, according to the main business guidelines.

Eliminate the need for large investments in information technology

Agile presents its portfolio of cloud solutions in 2 groups: the first is directed to business lines – people, customers, finance and suppliers oriented; and the second, directed to business management – Cloud Suites. All of them are supported by cross applications, such as SAP JAM (collaboration channel),mobilitySAP HANA and Analytics

Some of the offerings are: SAP SuccessFactors BizX; Payroll; Social Media Analytics & Social Engagement; Sales and Marketing; CRM; Finance; Travel and Expenses Management, Invoicing and Compliance, Suppliers Relationship; Ariba; SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business One Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand.



  • Maximizes IT resources;
  • Allows for rapid implementation;
  • Provides scalability to grow;
  • Increases collaboration;
  • Eliminates the cost and complexity of evaluating, purchasing, configuring and managing all hardware and software used by the organizations;
  • Requires less effort with systems maintenance to keep the data and applications in operation..

The cloud solutions are available to customers anytime, anywhere, and they are accessed through a wide range of mobile devices. 

As they are “Cloud” applications, they are quick to implement, user-friendly, and always updated with the latest version available.

Within the Cloud category, Agile provides full and hybrid solutions (which combine cloud and OnPremise applications). 

All applications that consume/export Web Services standards (REST/SOAP) use SAP HANA Cloud as its preferred extension mechanism.


Cloud Solutions

Solutions by business lines

Cloud Solutions

Focus on people: SAP SuccessFactors BizX– Supports HR core processes like payroll, talent management, goals and performance, recruitment, workforce and learning analysis. 

Focus on the consumer: CRM, Sales and Operations, Social Media and Social Engagement (Promotion, launch and campaigns, competitive intelligence, trademark and risk management).

Focus on finance: Solutions that support core activities, such as orders, procurement and payment, projects management, travel control (planning, booking, budget control…), among others. 

Focus on supplier: Strategic sourcing, contracts lifecycle management, suppliers’ relationship management, products administration and verification, Ariba solutions.

Business Solutions

SAP Business ByDesign: Complete cloud solution for midsize companies and subsidiaries. 

SAP Business One: Complete cloud solution for small companies.


There are four implementation models of cloud solutions (Private, Public, Community and Hybrid). Talk to us and find out which solution and implementation model best serves your business.

Agile will help you assess the need in accordance with the desired access level, ensuring your systems’ integrity and security

Cloud Solutions

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