Consistency in the financial and accounts payable processes management with agricultural suppliers and partners

Contract Management is an integral part of the Agrobiz solution, especially designed for the Agribusiness and Bioenergy segments from the SAP NetWeaver integration platform and SAP business applications. 
It is built in ABAP and operates mainly in the MM module, in addition to QM and FI.

Contracts Management

Agile Agrobiz

Through integration with SAP ERP, the AgroBiz solution becomes a performance analysis tool, because it projects, calculates, and tracks the production costs in a manner that is completely oriented to the company’s value chain (Formation, Planting, Harvesting, and Processing). Agile AgroBizsolution is certified and duly prepared to integrate with the SAP applications of companies of all sizes.


Confidence in strategic planning

The contract management module supports business planning and allows the efficient execusion of services, as it sets prices according to the quality of raw materials, manages payments (fees, discounts, and bonuses), and strengthens the relationship with landowners, including the management of purchase, partnership, and leasing contracts.

The solution’s other features include:

  • Agricultural Contracts Register (own and suppliers’);
  • Commercial Agreements Registry;
  • Maintenance of Agricultural Contracts (validity, sugar cane inputs for each contract);
  • Benefits Management (discounts, fees, and advance payments);
  • and Supplier Payment Management based on Quality Parameters (ATR).


  • Transparency in the management model;
  • Efficient monitoring of the productive lifecycle;
  • Easy system management and maintenance;
  • Increased speed in the monthly closing process;
  • Absence of duplicated information, eliminating inconsistencies;
  • Costs reduction across the chain and productivity and quality improvements;
  • Complete visibility and effective control of financial and accounts payable processes.

Agrobiz easily integrates with the SAP NetWeaver platform, and contains all required content (software and settings) to serve the Agricultural and Bioenergy sectors, accelerating the implementation and providing ready-to-use features.

In addition to the contracts and scales management module, the solution offers comprehensive tools for operational management, human capital management, intelligence and improvement of the production process, management and maintenance of assets, among others.


It is based on the integration of SAP operational and financial modules, which create an integrated network of all operations. As a consequence, the expenses and costs incurred within a production unit are more quickly controlled using information and controls in the form of indicators, used by executives for strategic decision-making and operational planning.

This ensures greater confidence and consistency in the management of financial and accounts payable processes with agricultural suppliers and partners.

Contracts Management

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