Focus on the performance and expenses management

Agile offers its customers an efficient approach to the elimination of waste and inefficiency associated with operational processes. With solutions specifically designed to your company’s needs, and an analysis geared to the main organizational gaps, we can help identify the cost gaps, prioritize them, and develop an action plan to re-establish or improve your company’s financial health.

Costs Management

Strategic change

Data inconsistency and dispersion are often the main causes of difficulty in controlling costs, because they impair an accurate analysis of the expenses for lack of detailed information about the assets and services expenses categories, and business units. Most companies face strict saving and cost control targets. To support them, Agile provides integrated analysis tools that provide visibility to expenses in the entire organization and help identify cost saving opportunities.

Excellence in costs control process

It is not easy to adopt expenditure cutting measures that maximize efficiency, without compromising growth. Our solutions allow the organization to view all expenditure types, with and investments forecast; establish a cost curve; exercise more effective control over costs with higher incidence; review internal processes and establish goals and objectives.

While introducing a cost control culture associated with a more efficient information system, the organization becomes confident to perform its strategic activities, such as procurement, sales, and distribution processes, among others. It also becomes more self-sufficient to identify the factors that lead to increased cost, waste, misuse of resources and accounts imbalances.


  • Visualization of expenditures and deviations;
  • Greater costs, expenses and investments control;
  • Risk management;
  • Accurate evaluation reports, in real-time;
  • Automated, simplified and streamlined cost management;
  • Operational excellence and compliance in procurement and payment processes activities.