SAP CRM allows 360° visibility and cultivates relationships through communication and interaction channels

Agile Solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) transforms the way of dealing with marketing, sales and services departments. That is because it strengthens the entire customer communication process, enabling the organizations to differentiate in the increasingly competitive market. 

The solution tools and functions support fundamental processes for the business, such as Marketing, Sales, Services, E-commerce, Channel Management and Promotions.


Analytical Applications

Some of the application functionalities include reports and value analysis, segmentation, management turnover, customers’ fidelity and loyalty.

Embracing a CRM program allows your company to keep focus on core strategies, and gives subsidy for your team maximizing the effectiveness of each interaction with the customer, through the use of updated and reliable data.

Analyze individual customers and discover the best way to serve them

The companies that use the SAP CRM are, undoubtedly, ahead in strategic and financial terms. This is because it allows the managers to focus on growth strategies and see new sales opportunities with the analytical functions, which provide relevant data on customers and make it available in the entire company, ensuring fast and assertive decisions.

In addition, numerous marketing activities can be launched, such as the campaigns management and the opportunities management.
The sales team also gains new perspectives since the tool enables the employees to carry out planning and business forecasts, accounts and contracts management, quotations and orders management independently.


  • Customers perceptions at the fingertips;
  • Complex cases resolution, development of preventive activities and revenues opportunities;
  • Quick answers to market changes;
  • Campaigns management and customized programs for a target market;
  • Retention of customers, employees and partners;
  • Customers involvement with customized offerings;
  • Real-time visibility of pipeline solidity to anticipate market and customers trends;Extend the sales channels and transform “like” in “buy”, with social campaigns and well directed offers.


The solution for the customers’ relationship management, SAP CRM, is part of SAP Business Suite and offers everything the companies need to manage their data and contacts related to customers. It supports the marketing, sales and services departments with a variety of interaction channels and provides flexible analyses that support business decisions.

The solution also features a friendly Web interface and broad functional capabilities that make the customers’ relevant information access more dynamic and intuitive, in order to better serve them. This interface is user-configurable and customizable to easily adapt to the business guidelines in the companies.


Learn about the implementation models, including the applications supported by sap hana


The CRM solution offered by Agile Solutions is the ideal option for any customer management need and serves companies of all sizes, whether small, medium or large, in addition to being compatible with SAP and other applications.

Talk to Agile and discover the model that best serves your business.

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