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If your company’s challenges are related to the movement of large data volumes, real-time analysis, or the processing of too many transactions, our portfolio of database technologies  can help you manage your critical data with efficient scalability and performance.


DB and Technology

Proposed solutions

  • In Memory - SAP HANA;
  • SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE);
  • SAP Sybase IQ;
  • SAP Sybase SQL;
  • SAP Sybase Replication Server;
  • SAP Sybase PowerDesigner.

The database is one of the pillars of information technology, and its capacity to organize, process and manage information in a structured and controlled manner is the key to many aspects of business efficiency . Contact us and learn more about the technologies available.

Intelligent data management

Designed to work perfectly with SAP software, third-party systems and customized applications, our database management offerings can support you for smarter decision-making, while obtaining operational efficiency across your organization.

In addition, they maximize performance with the processing of bulky transactions, and promote an instant visibility of business information, accessible anytime and anywhere. All thanks to the power of in-memory, cloud, and mobile technologies.


  • Faster business analysis and data storage with latency near to zero;
  • Increased transfer rate for extreme transaction processing;
  • Extended access to critical insights: anytime, anywhere, from any device;
  • Business processes and applications as fast as ever;
  • Instant responses to complex queries, solid reliability and cost reduction.

Databases store information on electronic records that can be searched, retrieved and organized in countless ways. Having the business information in a database, instead of spreadsheets or papers, preserves  vital information and allows you to see patterns in your operations that are often hidden.

A database provides you the real command of the data – it allows you to sort, analyze, summarize, and report the results in a moment. It can combine data from multiple files, thus avoiding the need to enter information repeatedly.

DB and Technology

Operational speed, availability and scalability

DB and Technology

Our database solutions support millions of transactions per minute with data in the order or terabytes, meet the growing demand for high performance and reduce risks, ensuring  business integrity and continuity. 

Sybase solutions help you manage and analyze your information from any application, platform and source, and allow data to be accessed by any device, at any time and place.

As a result, companies are more efficient, since they can respond to changes more quickly. 

HANA in-memory database helps you finish  data disorganization and irrelevance, and execute queries in parallel, without sacrificing  system performance. Therefore, executives can get immediate responses to their complex issues, favoring  decision-making and providing subsidies to develop predictive business models.

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