A new look to transform innovation into reality

As part of the co-innovation initiative with its customers, Agile uses the Design Thinking approach to the identification of problems and challenges, and in the generation of ideas and innovative solutions.

The process proposes a series of steps and tools that promote an analysis and discussion of the current situation, from a holistic point of view. Once the real problem is identified, the focus turns to the solution, guided by the end user’s needs by stimulating “outside the box” perspectives.


Design Thinking

All this is possible through the participation of teams who collaborate within an environment that encourages creativity. Agile is qualified to help your company using Design Thinking to obtain solutions that explore new models and support business challenges.

This methodology searches different angles and perspectives for the solution to problems, prioritizing collaborative work in multidisciplinary teams in the search for innovative solutions.



agile solutions + design thinking

Since 2011, Agile uses Design Thinking as an innovation process methodology. From it you can generate and offer innovative Products and/or Services, which are converted into customer-perceived value.

Only by knowing the possibilities of technology, the business customer’s real needs, desires and perceptions, is it possible to ensure the final quality of the execution of a project – this will generate great success opportunities in the future.


  • Faster and cheaper process to generate innovation;
  • Focus on customer perception, their needs, desires and behavior;
  • Process based on implicit knowledge and experiences with prototypes;
  • Innovation as a result of the use of methodologies plus teamwork;
  • "Outside the box" perspectives