Control costs and upgrade your education services quality

The education sector suffers pressure from all sides: students, parents and employees’ demands, restricted budgets, competition and expenses increase, ethical and social areas issues, and strict educational quality controls by the Ministry of Education.

For this reason, educational institutions must invest time, resources and money to focus on core business areas, such as, discovering new sources of income, increase the number of enrollments , and improve the retention of students.


Proposed solutions

  • E-Procurement;
  • Knowledge Management;
  • E-Learning;
  • Collaboration (JAM);
  • Financial and Administrative Management;
  • Portal Web;
  • Human Resources (SuccessFactors).

Agile offers flexible solutions for institutions of any type and size. Real-time analytical applications also provide autonomy for decision-making at any time and place, supported by mobile devices.


The revolution: business execution

Agile Solutions assist the institutions to go beyond processes automation to actually align, optimize and generate business productivity. Rather than just providing technology to improve operational efficiency, we help companies not only to understand and measure the business information, but also how to act based on them to follow in the right direction.

For an appropriate business execution it is necessary the institution leaders’ involvement and collaboration. These leaders need to articulate both a strategic view and the key performance indicators and metrics associated with the realization of this vision . Based on this data, Agile can provide investment options that give support to  strategic goals and that are truthful to the company’s reality.


  • Easy and transparent administrative procedures;
  • Simplified financial accounting;
  • Effective management of partnerships;
  • Progressive business systems;
  • Aggregation of academic information;
  • Monitoring and visibility of Projects;
  • Optimized secretariat services (requirements, records maintenance, student’s history …);
  • Easy integration with other management tools, such as CRM and SRM.

The education solution combines SAP Business Suite applications to processes designed specifically for the sector. It helps improve communication among the student community, streamline business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs, and manage resources more effectively, whether financial or human-capital optimization-related.


The heart of the solution  comprises campus and e-learning processes management tools, which provide the organizational subsidy to easily access students wherever they are, and manage their academic and financial requirements tied – through the use of web-accessed academic portals.


Processes that improve students performance, satisfaction and retention


The  open architecture solution supports international standards, and allows the re-use of sharable content objects, providing portability between platforms, use of metadata and accessibility in different browsers versions

The integration promotes the cost visibility and helps identify savings and business growth opportunities. The processes’ transparency, such as the costs involved with students, ex-students and employees programs, makes  budget prioritization easier for the institution.

Universidade Tiradentes


UNIVERSIDADE TIRADENTES (UNIT) is an education reference in the North/Northeast of Brazil and opted for the implementation…

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