Ensure compliance of health, safety and environment process

The mining companies’ future depends entirely of how they manage the challenges regarding the EHS government regulations and policies.

For this purpose, Agile focuses its efforts in the mines; since the activities in this sector are among those that most require occupational safety, health and hygiene appropriate practices and measures.

EHS for Mining

A strategic choice

SAP EH&S is a flexible solution, an integral part of SAP ERP, and is prepared to receive future improvements.

Using SAP Portal, the solution fully meets the EHS experts, IT departments and management needs, through the generation of proven value, technological guarantee, safe investment and TCO.

Comply with regulatory and corporate responsability standards

Although it is not possible to eradicate all risks, the EHS solution for mining helps to manage incidents and occupational health and industrial hygiene processes, and effectively deal with the national and international regulations, such as NR 22, OSHA, NIOSH and ISO.

Through a user-friendly interface, the solution also complies with the product safety standards, hazardous substances administration and management, hazardous goods management and waste management.



  • Evaluates the risk and prevents adverse events;
  • Ensures the safe and compatible treatment of hazardous substances;
  • Quickly identifies exceptions that require corrective actions;
  • Monitors environmental compliance and related risks;
  • Ensures employees and products safety;
  • Comprehensive sustainability analyses and optimized reports.

AP EHS Management is an integral part of SAP ERP and its main integration modules are SAP MM, SAP DMS, SAP SD, SAP PP and SAP QM.

The application systematically incorporates the EHS requirements and tasks of the company business processes, centralizing the collected information and strengthening compliance and risk reduction in operations. Therefore, you can successfully report the positive impact of your global strategies in EHS.

SAP EHS Management has a high integration level with other SAP applications, such as SAP ERP Human Capital Management and the SAP Enterprise Asset Management solution, which eliminates redundant data entry, streamlines processes, prevents errors, and takes advantage of the investment made in these solutions.

Using Web-Services the solution receives transactional data of SAP and non-SAP systems.


A proactive approach to environment, health and security, risks management

Key features:
  • Unique management system: Evaluates all EHS risks and comprises the Production, Operations, Sales, Logistics, Environment, Industrial Safety and Human Resources areas.
  • Communication without deviations: Provides control and risk information directly to workers;
  • Pre-built data and business processes integration; Provides dynamism to collaboration and leverages operational data from other SAP applications;
  • Comprehensive risk assessment process: identifies, monitors and analyses risks from the use of matrixes and control panels;
  • Operational flexibility: The application is designed for the easy use of features that accommodate your operational preferences and business processes.

Comply with sustainability goals and increase profits

Legal requirements

SAP EHS Management meets the OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements. This Brazilian standard requires that any organization effectively controls its accidents and occupational diseases risks and improves its performance in SST (State Secretary for Social Assistance, Labor and Housing).
For complying with environmental and safety laws in different countries, the solution counts on an extension of "Content Management" provided through interfaces directly predefined in the system.

Agile has in its portfolio EHS implementations in companies with different complexities; therefore, we have developed expertise in the module implementation. From the development of a web friendly interface (SAP Portal) Agile helps to simplify the reports generation to regulatory agencies, in addition to providing a complete visibility to wastes, health and safety management processes.  The solution also allows the historic control of the company and third parties full payroll, being able to issue medical certificates and documents automatically.




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