Improve efficiency in regulatory environments

Agile helps companies in the energy sector optimizing accounting processes aiming a dynamic reporting for the company, holdings and/or public agencies. To do so, segment-specific business rules are developed on the SAP standards functionalities, in order to adapt and integrate accounts plans directly in the SAP system.

Assets Management

Business process standardization

The high performance aligning People, Processes, Technology and Infrastructure to the SAP systems supports compliance with laws and standards ruled by regulatory agencies. 

Agile Energy solution adds the company need to SAP capabilities and the development of new software. It provides higher capacity of corporate governance for shareholders, consumers and regulatory agencies.

Customized development to meet the sector obligations

A structured accounts plan enables the company satisfactorily meet the regulatory agencies requirements, such as ANEEL and the International Accounting Standards (IFRS), in addition to ensuring effective reporting of the company activities with other corporate units.Part of the development meets the assets codification required by Aneel (Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency). The solution includes the features for generating consolidated reports regarding the Equity Control Manual – MCPSE and ANEEL Accounts Plan vs. the Corporate Accounts Plan.


  • Fast information sending;
  • Integrated management system that reduces costs and eliminates IT complexities;
  • Effective exercise of legal and tax assignments;
  • Eliminates the need for manual operations;
  • Data transparency and consistency.

Agile helps improve efficiency throughout the customer lifecycle through the business processes standardization. It is not a customization or interface; it is the ABAP language application entirely within the SAP platform, added to User Exiting techniques (logical adaptations and changes in standard software).

The solution acts directly in the financial module (FI-GL) and works with various Ledgers, where occurs the register of all accounting transactions (major registers and internal accounting settlements) of the system.

Energetic Requirement



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