Costs and efforts reduction in the governance, risks and compliance management

Agile offers solutions that help executives effectively manage governance, risk and compliance issues.




The GRC application performs anti risk strategies, promotes operational safety, and improves the business performance with the regulations compliance, with real-time visibility.



Business optimized performance


The risk is inevitable, but it can be efficiently managed. While conducting governance, risk and compliance strategies with responsibility, the organizations become more transparent and reduce costs arising from internal processes redundancy. 

GRC solutions automate internal programs and provide compliance reports – for better risk prevention, costs reduction, and increased performance.

Automate your GRC processes

Corporate responsibility is to ensure that the organization conducts its business within ethical and regulatory standards. A proactive and unified GRC approach  enhances the competitive advantages and improves the companies’ capacity to innovate in dynamic and uncertain environments.
Agile suggests the GRC solution to companies that want to succeed in relation to their risk and compliance initiatives. It increases their degree of predictability, improves integration between  areas, reduces  information management costs, and promotes efficiency among the organization’s stakeholders.





  • Efficient compliance and risk management;
  • Preserves the company’s image;
  • Reduces the costs of compliance, risk and auditing programs;
  • Improves business performance and transparency;
  • Balances between opportunities and financial, legal and operational exposure threats;
  • Incorporates regulatory and legal policies in global trading processes.

GRC solutions are enabled through SAP and non-SAP systems, and work jointly with the content, technology and applications of legacy systems to provide the most effective tool for governance, risk and compliance with rules.

SAP GRC Access Control:

It allows weighting, authorizing and evaluating the users’ access to the system data, and provides the company the guarantee of being protected against criminal and fraudulent transactions.


Intelligent information about all grc activities status


SAP GRC Process Control

Standards control management through the monitoring of multiple business processes in mixed IT environments.

Standards control management

Allowsfor the identification and quantification of operational and strategic risk, contributing to the entire organization’s transparency.


SAP GRC Global Trade Services

Accelerates and secures the accomplishment of regulatory agency standards and global trade services.

SAP GRC Electronic Invoicing.

Supports companies in the compliance with Brazilian authorities’ requirements for electronic invoicing – Invoice.

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