Tangible results in terms of investment optimization

For your company to always stay focused on your core business, Agile can assume the maintenance and administration of all your SAP solutions servers, including SAP ERP, Enterprise Portals, Business Warehouse, CRM, and others. Thus, you can reduce costs and optimize the return on investments. 
Outsourcing your facilities and systems ensures a competitive advantages over the competition, in addition to the permanent access to experts, flexibility, and savings when adding or improving resources.


Maximum performance

Through partnerships with highly specialized third parties, Agile offers data centers equipped with cutting edge machines in an air-conditioned environment, and 24-hour support.

Our Hosting service offers hosting and operation with full management of your IT infrastructure, so you can reduce fixed costs with the technology park and the complexity of maintaining the full functioning (labor and monitoring) of your SAP environment.

Pronounced Reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership

We carefully analyze your needs and IT operations to offer exactly what your company needs. Our ground-breaking advances in SAP tools ensure experiences in solutions before they are even released on the market. Thus, our professionals are rapidly trained to offer a better systems administration and optimization of your IT landscape. 

Among the services available are: 

  • Assessment of infrastructure needs;
  • Sizing definition management with Hardware suppliers;
  • Application Hosting;
  • Co-location of servers;
  • Remote Operation of Applications;
  • Development Environment Hosting
  • SAP Applications Lab.


  • 24-hour monitoring of Applications, Hardware, and Software;
  • Reduced need for physical space need within the company;
  • Greater transaction processing capacity;
  • High availability of systems;
  • Gradual investment according to growth;
  • Greater control and optimization of IT costs;
  • Hiring services according to needs.