Prepare to manage business in real-time

SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) technology, for the in-memory data processing, aims to streamline the analytical applications generation and significantly improve the business processes.

The software solution and hardware resources combination increases information speed, making real-time responses possible, without interruptions and, finally, saving costs.

In-memory HANA


In-memory is a technology that moves data from disk to local memory, so that the complex analysis and transactions results can be performed without delay.

Whatever the business needs, Agile can support you in an efficient implementation, in the scenarios: S/4 HANA, HANA Applications (On-premise or Cloud using HCP), BW with HANA, HANA accelerators and Tax in HANA.

agile + design thinking + sap hana

Since 2011, when it started working with SAP Labs, California, in the early implementation of SAP HANA’ concept and projects testing, Agile uses Design Thinking as an innovation process methodology.

So it is possible to offer products and services that become perceived values by the customer. Only by knowing the technological possibilities, the business’ real needs and perceptions,  can we ensure the final quality of a project’s execution.


  • Manages huge volumes of data at high speed;
  • Allows real-time interactions across your value chain;
  • New insights from complex and predictive analysis;
  • IT simplified infrastructure;
  • Streamlines the generation of analytical applications ;
  • Simulates new scenarios;
  • Observes how the proposed changes will affect the business;
  • Promotes intelligent decision-making.

SAP HANA is an agnostic database, which allows you process and analyze huge information volumes in real-time, from multiple data sources (structured and unstructured). The platform leverages the in-memory computing power and with it you no longer have to choose between speed and granularity, being able to overcome the traditional systems’ limitations while performing complex transactions and analysis.

SAP HANA gathers traditional and analytical processing on a single platform and provides the executives the best in terms of speed, scope and simplicity of information, without having to give up the robustness of a traditional database. 

SAP HANA can be implemented as an appliance or delivered through the cloud.

In-Memory HANA


In-Memory HANA

Key features:

  • High performance for real-time in-memory and computing processing;
  • Different ways to integrate and access at the same time information from SAP and non-SAP applications;
  • Unique database, with storage in rows and columns;
  • Flexible analytical models, gathering historical data and information in real-time;
  • Powerful and flexible platform for calculating information with SQL and MDX interfaces;
  • Flexibility for information modeling and calculation;
  • Minimizes data duplication;
  • Unified environment for analytical data modeling and design;
  • Simple and quick creation of the ad-hoc business reports and dash boards;
  • Efficient management - Reduces IT dependency.


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