Unified information on business projects

Agile understands the requirements of companies that, due to rapid growth, start having significant problems in the consolidation of project investment reports.

Normally, this deficiency is due to the lack of integration between the communication systems, which provide stakeholders inconsistent and inaccurate information about the investment values by business unit.


For companies that experience this scenario, Agile presents the ITS system (Investment Tracking System), which aims to provide to management a clear and unified view of all information regarding the company’s major projects. 

Supported by the SAP NetWeaver integration platform, the ITS tool provides scalability to the company and can be easily adapted to changing business requirements.


Fantastic investment reports

ITS system promotes confidence in decision-making and controls access to project information. In addition, it offers global accessibility to the company major projects, with a "single version of the truth", and research resources for high-investment projects.
The application is tailor-made and web-accessed, and it does not compromise business processes, since it uses simplified workflows. Thus, the company can streamline and improve the transparent management of its investment portfolio, which help create a clear vision of the future.


  • Improved quality of information and integrity of data for the entire company;
  • Assured reliability, consistency and control of reports;
  • Reduction in the number of management reports;
  • Better visibility of key performance indicators;
  • Rapid and transparent management of the investment portfolio;
  • User-friendly interface for all users through the use of a Web portal;
  • Custom Tool development.

The ITS (Investment Tracking System) tool is built on the SAP NetWeaver integration platform and a service-oriented architecture. 

It works as an umbrella for a number of different applications, in order to present and analyze information that is critical to the company’s project portfolio.

The tool is flexible and can be customized according to the customer business guidelines, which makes its implementation different in each case. Using the ABAP programming language, Agile works inside SAP NetWeaver Application Server (SAP NetWeaver AS) component, and then exposes the application to the SAP NetWeaver Portal component.


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