Operations with maximum efficiency and flexibility to adapt to market changes

Agile Solutions helps the manufacturing companies to quickly respond their customers’ demands and to face the industry everyday challenges, such as: failures in the production line, high market volatility, non-scheduled shutdowns and interruptions in the supply chain.it.


Proposed solutions

  • Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII);
  • Customer Relationship (CRM);
  • Suppliers Relationship (SRM);
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM);
  • Business Intelligence (BI);
  • Sustainability Solutions;
  • SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization (APO);
  • Mobility.

Imagine producing while reducing costs, meeting customer demands and ensuring compliance with the quality and safety standards. With Agile solutions for manufacturing, it is possible.

Innovate, produce with high quality and reduce operational costs

The manufacturing solutions are integrated and flexible, able to anticipate changes, improve operation and production strategies, avoid incidents, ensure high performance assets and operate in unstable environments, reducing compliance costs and assets maintenance.

Agile can help you face the business specific needs while minimizing risks through a real-time monitoring of the key performance indicators, in addition to ensuring the reliability for a smart decision-making. This way, it is possible to align corporate objectives to business processes and optimize IT investments.


  • Efficient management of production chains to reduce the supply and material times;
  • Improved visibility of assests to minimize product defects and improve quality;
  • Assets security and compliance;
  • Streamlined production processes, from design to product delivery, whether in one plant or more;
  • Production operations synchronized with customer demand;
  • Monitoring of materials and products across the value chain;
  • Appropriate environment, health and safety practices.

Manufacturing companies usually implement a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for monitoring, registering and guiding  production activities, but many of them still experience difficulties with the lack of integration of this information with their ERP system.

The result is  insecurity and delay in decision-making, since the executive does not have a wide view of how the productive chain impacts on the company business strategies.

Driven by the SAP NetWeaver platform, SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME) easily integrates to SAP ERP and can be quickly deployed. As a result, your company gets:

  • Greater visibility for production operations to identify problem areas and increase profit;
  • Greater control over plant floor production in all plants (individual and global facilities);
  • Higher product quality, customer satisfaction and financial results.

Manage and coordinate the production operations as never before


SAP ME allows managing the plant and its operations. Among its main capabilities are: plant floor execution processes, reporting, products traceability, labor management, production transfer, complains exchange and management, resting and repairs control.

As a result, you reduce costs while improving the quality and  delivery performance.

SAP Manufacturing Execution helps ensure that products are built as planned on the first attempt. This powerful application collects data from a variety of sources, integrating them with the plant floor activities in order to create  complete production records (product history). Therefore, it is possible to have an effective decision-making process,  in compliance with  technical and legal regulations.



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