Greated capacity for mining companies

The constant volatility in prices and profit margins requires mining companies to control the capital and operating expenses, which can only be achieved through an efficient production, processing, maintenance and projects management.

This operational capability is of utmost importance and requires an integrated solution, which enables automatic data collection and the correct management of production indicators known as SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII).

MII for Mining

360° Visibility

SAP MII helps mining companies monitor the key business KPIs and manage the production operations performance. Strategic processes such as production, maintenance, quality, cost, inventory, environment, safety, among others, are seen in the same platform that consolidates the corporate systems data, such asSAP ERP and SAP BW.



Knowing what happens at all production levels allows the mining company to make decisions quickly and conscious. Seeing the plant means having a complete overview of the entire production process, from extraction to logistics. 

SAP MII is a real-time performance solution that allows the bi-directional integration between the plant floor and the corporate systems, without the need for human intervention, through automatic interfaces and connectors.


  • Greater efficiency of mineral production per employee;
  • Real-time processes monitoring, measurement and follow up;
  • Lower operational costs;
  • Low variation in expected and actual projects costs;
  • Maintenance cost reduction;
  • Processes continuous improvement.

SAP MII integrates ERP data to the mine operating data and other plant systems. This allows you monitor progress and solve real-time production exceptions, while increasing the employees’ productivity and reducing the training needs, so that they can deal with different management systems.

The solution main features include: Material/raw material identification; operation indicators; production confirmation; quality control and notifications; history monitoring and log; Production performance and maintenance orders.

MII for mining

Eliminate plant failures, optimize assets and the production process performance

Mii for mining

Enabled by SAP NetWeaver platform, SAP MII combines two key items: 

  • Integration:The solution allows the connection between the productive processes and the business operations, consolidating data for managerial analysis of performance indicators, and transparently guiding information.
  • Business Intelligence:SAP MII has the Business Logic Editor which facilitates the business logic assembling, viewing the process as a flow. Users can then centrally observe the different controls alerts, events and KPIs.

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