reliably produce with cost reduction and quality improvement


Knowing what is happening at all levels of production allows the company to make conscious decisions . Viewing the factory floor means getting the full picture, from the receipt of raw materials to the Board room.

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence is a  real-time performance solution that allows bidirectional integration between the factory floor and corporate systems without the need for human intervention, through automated interfaces and connectors .


360 visibility°

Strategic processes such as production, maintenance, quality, cost , inventory, environment, safety,  and others, can be seen on the same platform that consolidates data from corporate systems such as SAP ERP and SAP BW.

Our solution can help you take advantage of new industry opportunities, as it is based on best practices of the market. Further, it is flexible enough to serve large, medium, or small companies .

run your business in real time and promote collaborative production

SAP ME allows manufacturers to manage and control production in an integrated manner across the Organization. This application, through the collection of data from various sources and integration systems, creates global production records.

By implementing the SAP ME, companies will be able to cover all factory floor activities, access data in real time, accurately control the processes and the traceability of products , ensuring that they developed correctly and at the right time.


·        Minimizes the initial cost, complexity, and total cost of ownership ;

·        Improves the quality of the end product ;

·        Increases employee productivity (especially those involved in factory floor operations) ;

·        Monitors, measures, and monitors processes in real time ;

·        Improves the use of resources and rationalization of assets, contributing to the reduction of waste;

·        Quick return on investment ;

·        Continuous improvement of business processes.


SAP MII integrates ERP applications with manufacturing execution systems (MES) and other factory floor solutions to connect data from operations to company data.

This allows you to monitor progress and solve production exceptions in real time, while increasing employees productivity by reducing the need for training for those that can handle different management systems.

Aimed at production industries, the main features of the solution include:

·        Identification of materials;

·        Operation cockpits;

·        Production confirmation;

·        Quality control;

·        Monitoring and background record;

·        Production performance.


Eliminate the plant floor gaps, optimize assets and production performance


SAP MII is a development and an implementation platform for manufacturing composites that run SAP NetWeaver, and combines two key items: 

Integration: The solution allows the connection between the production processes and the business operations, consolidating data for the managerial analysis of performance indicators. It provides SAP ERP connectivity in factory floor applications, such as MESSFA, and legacy applications, to conduct information from manufacturing processes in a transparent manner.

Business Intelligence: SAP MII has the Business Logic Editor which facilitates the assembly of business logics, viewing the process as a flow. Users can then centrally observe the different alert controls, events, and KPIs.

In addition to managing the application of Six Sigma strategies, SAP MII provides visibility in projects such as: Lean Manufacturing, Real Time Performance Management, Management of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), as well as P2SC Integration (Plant to Supply Chain).

The best solution for building applications for operational excellence


·        Condenses advanced web technologies to extract data from multiple sources, adding this data to the server, processing them in a business context, and customizing them to deliver the result to users. The community of users can include PCs with browsers, PDAs, and other devices.

·        Enables the maximum return of legacy applications in the company. This means streamlining the integration of new business processes, and modifying and optimizing existing processes. Such flexibility results in the elimination of high TCO interface customization actions and complex maintenance.

Agile Solutions was the first xApps Partner in Latin America and has extensive experience with MII projects. Agile bases itself on the use of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and WebServices – which ensures greater versatility, in addition to the use of XML standard for the standardization of data from different legacy systems into a universal format.


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