Maximize profits without compromising security, compliance or the operational efficiency

Agile Solutions deeply understands the mining industry’s requirements as it has numerous reference projects in the segment.


Proposed solutions

  • Sustainability Solutions;
  • Human Capital (HCM);
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM);
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM);
  • Business Intelligence (BI);
  • Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC);
  • Financial Management;
  • Mining Composite Agile;
  • Plant Floor Integration (MII/ME);
  • Mobility

It is worth mentioning that the mining solutions are flexible and adaptable to any type of business, from the small and medium-sized to  global operations companies.


Higher capacity and lower total cost of ownership

Agile offers solutions that support the industry challenges, including those inherent to  maintenance and projects management, supply chain and logistics, energy consumption management, prices and basic goods contracts management, as well as occupational health and safety and environment.

Our customers report that with the implementation of SAP implementation they obtained better support for their growth, integrated information from all company areas in real time, and optimization of their operations and supply chains, which support the high levels of inputs demand.



  • Assets and operations visibility;
  • Maximized global supply networks;
  • Cost reduction and increased production and profitability;
  • Integrated operational management;
  • Effective compliance and regulations management - specific to the segment;
  • Improved collaboration with suppliers and consumers;
  • Better control of contractors, suppliers and other cost sources;
  • Costs and budgets planning;
  • Reduction of maintenance capital investments;
  • Efficient production and assets quality management.

Managing a mining company requires multiple skills in various functional areas. Agile’s solutions dedicated to the sector cover the entire mineral value chain: Extraction, Stacking, Production, Concentrated, Transport, Sales and Distribution.

The operations of a mine should not only optimize the processes and reduce costs, but also follow the legal regulations to avoid penalties and maintain a responsible and sustainable corporate image.

Agile, supported by the SAP solutions portfolio, provides autonomy for the company meeting these objectives by assisting in the assets and operations management across the supply chain.

With an integrated management, the mining companies can reduce costs, increase production, improve assets maintenance, as well as improve organizational flexibility, and the company global competitiveness.


Keep high quality, sustainability and compliance standards


The software, developed on the SAP NetWeaver platform, includes an integrated information system (procurement, production and delivery processes) which helps provide high quality services. The solution is preconfigured, which incorporates the best practices in the industry with easy-to-use transactions and extensive process documentation. Therefore, the companies gain organizational flexibility and total visibility of operations – which improve the collaboration and provide accurate reporting for strategic decision-making.

Definitely tested, approved and proven as the best design solution for the segment, Agile solution for Mining provides support to the mining companies main business processes:

  • Maintenance Costs Management;
  • Supply Chain Management;
  • Operations Control and Administration;
  • Mines and Production Planning;
  • Operational/Environmental Compliance;
  • Production Execution and Control;
  • Corporate Assets Management;
  • Suppliers and Consumers Management.

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