Ensure the full integration of tax data in a unique plataform

The SAP NFe (Electronic Invoicing) solution was developed by SAP GRC to serve the main tax processes, in accordance with the Brazilian rules, in a unique way and ensuring the integration between your systems and the Treasury Secretariat Secretaria da Fazenda.


Accomplishing the brazilian rules

The solution is 100% ready to serve customers that need to adapt to the latest Brazilian tax rules.

Designed and developed in the SAP NetWeaver 7.0, SAP NFe technological platform, it ensures total flexibility to be used with any Brazilian market invoicing solution, with low technical effort for mapping and integration.

Leading the company with tax intelligence

The software allows automating the electronic invoices processes, while continuing to operate with efficiency to meet the customers’ demands..
  • Cost of invoice registration – 19%;
  • Cost of physical archiving - 5%;
  • Cost of invoices printing – 58%;
  • Costs with invoices copies (for auditing purposes) – 16%


  • Improvement of tax, logistics, finance (accounts payable), accounting, procurement (according to the order) processes;
  • Compliance costs reduction;
  • Integrated and automated invoicing processes;
  • Reduction of costs related to collecting, maintenance and support;
  • Greater data security and integrity, with easy data filling and recovery.

SAP NFe 10.0 is a tool able to perform automatic checking of electronic invoices fields, such as taxes calculation, detailing of transported cargo, before the truck leaves the supplier.

With the use of NFe, the systems performs the invoice data loading in a special screen, through the intermediation of a XML file, in two moments of business processes (at output/input moment and at the time of NFe entry/receiving).

With the 10.0 version it is possible to carry out simulations to ensure that all data are correct even before it is registered in SAP environment.


High flexibility degree and the guarantee of business benefits obtention


Among the main technical particularities of the solution are:

  • Integration with SAP ERP NFe or other ERPs;
  • Technical validation of XML file;
  • Batch Assembly (with Invoices prioritization);
  • Status and administration monitoring via Portal;
  • Digital native signature of XML messages;
  • Controls all communication processes;
  • XML authorization, canceling and destruction of messages storage;
  • Integration for B2B communication between business partners.

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