Manage, track and control information related to products and assets, as well as the entire supply chain

The SAP Product Lifecycle Management solution assists in the management of the entire product lifecycle, from an idea in the process of creation, to actual production and maintenance.

When enabling collaborative engineering, the customized development of products, and management of projects, SAP PLM streamlines the increasingly crucial process of developing and introducing new products, generating cash flow and profits for companies.


Flexibility to grow

The solution generally applies to industrial segments that require innovation, rapid development of products, and which depend on the efficient management of fixed assets, such as the chemical and consumer goods industries, which value resources that provide support for preventive maintenance and ensure safety and efficiency upon delivery.

SAP PLM works in harmony with the marketing, sales, engineering, production, and services departments, and justifies the decision making at all levels with powerful real-time analyses.

Eliminate your company bottlenecks to promote creavity and innovation

SAP PPM Solution that manages the projects portfolio and allows the company to monitor the business in real-time, enabling the exchange of information between the production and the supply chain, rapidly respond to changes in demand driven by consumers, and controlling the employability capacity of human capital, and material resources across multiple projects.

SAP NPDI Driven by the strong demand of its consumers and/or encouraged by the technological innovations, the companies need to launch new products on the market to remain competitive, profitable, and in continuous growth. SAP NPDI helps manage the launch of products or services, because it allows the identification of opportunities and increases the chances of success.




  • Improves the delivery time to the end consumer;
  • Controls the outsourcing of services, allowing the company to focus on core activities;
  • Manages the cost of changes and evaluates progress and quality of projects in all lines of production;
  • Develops innovative products, explores new market opportunities, and increases customer satisfaction;
  • Plans, measures, and monitors the availability of equipment, operation, safety, and maintenance.


PLM is part of the SAP Business Suite and its architecture has been customized to meet the requirements of specific industries. It allows you to manage information about people and products/projects around its entire creation in a single and integrated process.

  • Increases the profitability of launching new products from 1% to 4%;
  • Reduces R&D costs, improving effectiveness from 1.5% to 3.5%;
  • Reduces the overall cost of developing and launching new products from 1% to 4.5%;
  • Improves employee productivity from 1% to 4%.


The solution promotes collaboration between partners, suppliers, producers and services providers, connecting them to all the company departments, including marketing and sales, planning and production, procurement and maintenance.

Its capacities range from managing data like documents, materials lists and revenues, environmental control, up to the engineering and projects change processes management.

SAP PLM integrates itself with several digital design tools, such as AutoCAD, CATIA, I-DEAS, Pro/Engineer, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, and Inventor.


360º visibility for all processes related to portfolio management


Proper product lifecycle management helps you stay ahead of the competition, by simplifying the development processes, reducing times of innovation phases, reducing development costs, and delivering more transparent and reliable results.

Mobile devices allow you to access information from projects and products, anytime and anywhere.

Although it is an integral part of the ERP system, the solution can be implemented separately, without losing the advantages of a conventional integration.



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