Improve perception about the opportunities to improve business execution

Agile helps its clients to innovate using intuitive and easy-to-deploy applications, based on the SAP HANA platform. Thus, they can take advantage of their immense volumes of data to have access to real-time information. With immediate business perceptions, companies can quickly face new corporate scenarios, and anticipate business changes.

Predictive Analysis


Predictive reports and analyses provide a greater understanding of the business and help improve planning and strategy – increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Agile can help you identify the application and develop the customized solutions and reports that best meet your business’ expectations. Contact us to learn more about the predictive offerings for your segment.


When using predictive intelligence capabilities, executives can trust and predict demands without needing the support of market experts to view and asses the company’s future performance, establish strategies, and manage the impact of business results. 

For example, an executive that uses a system combined with the power of SAP HANA  can instantly receive information at any level of granularity and for any business process, and then find out consumption patterns and which potential clients are using predictive intelligence.e.


  • Quickly achieves a return on investment;
  • Generates long-term value;
  • Qualifies professionals to the adapt and change conditions;
  • Improves and matures the business management;
  • Maximizes the business performance and increases profitability;
  • Transforms data into information;
  • Encourages trend-based decision-making;
  • Identifies, evaluates, and foresees different business scenarios;
  • Discovers and understands hidden patterns.

The ideal solution for the banking, retail, insurance, public sector, telecommunications, health, utilities, and manufacturing sectors, because it helps to discover trends and patterns by working with existing data environments and legacy systems. It works jointly with the SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjectBI platforms to explore data and anticipate business changes.

With predictive offers, companies can perform various analyses, including the occasional series prediction; detect exceptions; trend analysis, classification, segmentation, and affinity. This application also allows analyzing data using different visualization techniques, such as graph and matrices, parallel coordinates, fragmentation graphs, and decision trees.

Predictive Analysis


Predictive Analysis

Its key features are:

  • Robust predictive analytical feature that allows users to identify patterns and trends that affect business opportunities and risks, including viewing hidden behaviors.
  • Intuitive modeling that supports the entire process of building predictive models;
  • Rich predictive analysis library with R programming language integration;
  • Predictive view for all business users and lines of business;
  • It may be implemented in the stand-alone model (self-sufficient) or jointly with the SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects BI platforms, for a complete data analysis solution.


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