Project team training strategy

Agile performs the training of customer designated teams to participate in projects, and appropriately trains them to develop the necessary skills and then successfully perform their new roles and responsibilities.

Quality guarantee

Agile assists your team in achieving goals, increasing the efficiency and solving the challenges involving the organizational change when acquiring the SAP solutions. 

Projects Management

Our program is based on key performance indicators and metrics, which define the quality parameters required to meet the organization expectations. In order to improve the success chances in projects, SAP developed a model that addresses various software engineering practices and management called ASAP – Accelerated SAP. The methodology used by Agile in all its implementations is based on five phases, which aims to facilitate the project control and organization, since the scope definition, passing through functional specification, design, construction and testing, until achieving the validation and implementation.

Projects planning, execution and control

The course provides an overview on the projects management, its deliverables, roles and responsibilities, and specific processes used from the beginning to the completion of a project, which increase the chances of a successful project. It also presents the tools and techniques that increase the students’ management skills.
During the training activities based on cases that demonstrate real success and failures situations in projects are carried out. Practical planning exercises, scope management and management plans changes are also part of the course programmatic content. So the students can clarify their doubts and better understand the taught concepts.


  • Efficient cost, time and quality management in projects;
  • Easier communication;
  • Risks perception and understanding;
  • Collaboration encouragement;
  • Cost reduction with resources and need for support;
  • Reduced action time to responses, unexpected events and business changes.