Offer your customers a unique experience, no matter where they are

Retail companies are pressed on all sides: increasingly demanding customers, increased global and local competition, demand for new distribution channels, and well determined suppliers.

This means that they require a flexible and adaptable infrastructure that allows for simplifying processes and the technological atmosphere, reducing costs and redone work.


Proposed solutions

  • Suppliers Relationship Management (SRM);
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM);
  • Financial Management;
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM);
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM);
  • Mobility;
  • Business Intelligence (BI).

Agile Solutions can help you obtain measurable benefits, meet and exceed your sales and profitability goals, react to customers’ influence and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Increasingly higher service levels


Agile solutions support business critical processes, such as: Goods Management: Goods and varieties planning, items and allocations management. Procurement and Suppliers Management: Relationship with suppliers, operational acquisition, and strategic supply. Revenue Management: Costs, pricing and optimization planning and management.

Supply Chain: Supply planning, execution and monitoring. Stores and Channels Management: Relationship with the customer, workforce management, point of sale and store operations management. Retail Management: Critical retail operations, human resources management, finances, property management, and master data management.


  • Better conversion rates between channels;
  • Greater customer satisfaction;
  • Better inventory coverage and improved service levels;
  • Customized purchasing experience;
  • Improved operating efficiency;
  • Assortment plans aligned to the strategy;
  • Productive marketing tactics that increase sales;
  • Analysis that favors campaigns and services;
  • Anticipation to customers’ demands;
  • Correct availability of product mix;
  • Assertive loyalty plans.

The retail software is an integrated system and offers all the functions necessary to meet the segment value chain processes – from  pipeline control to  customer and suppliers relationship management.

It gives subsidies for the company carrying out effective inventory plans and analyzing  business performance,  cost generation, and the measurable benefits of revenue and strategy.

The system’s access is web-based, which gives the organization more speed, efficiency and operational flexibility, besides facilitating the obtainment of rich customer information from multiple sources, such as the social networks and discussion groups, which allow the company to develop customized strategies to attract and retain customers.


Manage and coordinate the production operations as never before


Using the SAP HANA power, the system enables executives to make decisions based on  updated business information, so they can manage the company in a more assertive way, counting on the support of a profitability analysis  at any level of detail (whether of a simple product or customer), patterns predictive analysis and consumers behavior, real-time demand and supply visibility, performance assessment by channel and geographic location, and more efficient marketing initiatives to engage customers, whether in a local transaction or through a mobile device.



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