Strengthen your business and your it team to manage business rules

Rules management is challenging. First because many of the experts that define the rules generally do not possess the skills needed to program them in applications.

Secondly, many IT professionals that have the technical understanding to accomplish this task; often do not have the relevant business knowledge. As a result, vital details can be lost when the rules are connected to business systems.

Rules Management Decision

How we can help?

Using a SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management solution, Agile helps in the development and implementation of efficient rules management. Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) allow organizations to automate decisions. Corporate users participate in the control and definition of the rules and, when necessary, they are able to change them faster and more flexibly, thanks to an intuitive Web-based graphical user interface, and rules with familiar representation formats, such as decision tables.

Assuming rules full control

The BRM component supports the central management of business rules and allows them to be externalized and made available through heterogeneous applications via Web Services. Additionally, it enables the rules to be directly incorporated to business processes, increasing their agility and efficiency, and eliminating redundancies.

Thus, you get a more reliable application for corporate policies; consistency of rules in multiple software solutions; and more flexibility for the adaptation of business rules to meet market demands that are in constant transformation.


  • Unique solution for business rules management (rules composition, execution and maintenance);
  • Direct incorporation of rules in business processes through Web services and SAP NetWeaver BPM integration.
  • Greater speed and flexibility to engage business users in the definition and adaptation of rules;
  • Improves agility and business decision-making.

SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management, offers a powerful set of rules composition tools based on Eclipse open development platform and Java programming language.

The component provides two modeling approaches: In the first, you can create central rules in the form of reusable Web services for the consumption of various applications – which eliminate the need for codification time and enable the new rules and modifications rapid deployment.

In the second, you can embed rules directly into business processes, through integration with the SAP NetWeaver Business Process management component – which provides a unique environment for the rules and processes preparation based on consistent metadata. Another option is to use the BRM rules engine and incorporate them into a separate component based on Java and non-SAP applications – for example, to execute customers’ loyalty rules in points of sale.

Rules Management Decision

Rapid implementation and efficient support of rules template

Rules Management Decision

In addition to the rules template definition and modification, SAP BRM allows you to verify the rules impact in the organization daily routine, to detect possible errors, such as duplications and gaps in decision tables, and subsequently correct them. The solution also provides resources for testing and comparison between different individual rules versions, in order to see who changed what and when.

Key features:

  • Business rules composition and execution: reliably and rapidly creates, validates and implements rules;
  • Externalization of business rules: provides rules for various applications via Web;
  • User training: Allows users to play a greater role in the definition and implementation of business rules.