a new user interface to sap

Always on the cutting edge of SAP innovations, Agile Solutions is the first consulting company to work with the new SAP interface. By applying Responsive Design, SAP FIORI provides a simple and intuitive user experience for the most used SAP business transactions.

From now on, the default user interface for any SAP application user will be the SAP FIORI.

SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas

Simplicity for the user

With broad functions and user-friendly format, SAP Fiori allows users to experience the applications on all interaction channels – Desktop, Tablet and Mobile – while it performs its tasks quickly and efficiently.

The first SAP Fiori version has 25 applications for the most common business functions, such as workflow approvals, information lookups, and self-service tasks – for an instant productivity boost.

sap screen personas: customization without programming

Companies are increasingly anxious to make their employees more productive, motivated and happy while using SAP solutions. With that in mind, Agile presents the SAP Screen Personas application, which offers a new option for the customization of SAP GUI screens .

It provides a simple approach to “drag and drop” for modifying common screens, making them more useful and visually attractive. With the SAP Screen Personas, the user himself can “eliminate” fields that he does not use or even unify the interface of a transaction in a single screen.



  • Simplifies the user experience and increases his productivity;
  • Empowers employees to work smoothly on all devices;
  • Deliver instant access to more than 25 apps for common business functions;
  • Improves the impact on business results , while completing administrative tasks quickly;
  • Leverages your existing SAP investments by delivering powerful business results.

SAP FIORI was built based on the responsive design principle, in other words, designed to provide the user with a great viewing experience, easy reading and browsing, with the least possible resizing and for a wide range of devices - desktop, tablet or smartphones.

With a simple and easy-to-manage architecture, the application uses SAP UI5 (HTML5) and SAP NetWeaver Gateway to provide a role-based access control, with flexible deployment options.

The first SAP Fiori version includes based applications to four functions: Managers, Employees, Sales Representatives and Procurement Agents. Some of its features include: Vacation requests, travel expenses approval, customized schedules (timesheet), payment receipts register (paystubs), sales orders generation, customers’ invoices, timesheet and benefits, purchase orders tracking, and customer relationship management.

SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas

Simple and intuitive interface that renews the user experience

SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS allows companies to customize their SAP ERP screens for different users without any kind of programming. Using the “drag and drop” method, it is possible to hide fields that the users do not need, simplify tasks, automate repeated keys and enhance the visual appeal, only exposing the necessary information to ensure that they complete their transactions more quickly and accurately.

Task automation also helps the employee save time on data entry and accelerates the learning curve for new users. The customization cost is also reduced, since the application eliminates the need for ABAP programmers and script experts. It is worth noting that everything can be easily supervised by IT, through controls that allow you to centrally manage the changes performed.

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