Training key users in the use of sap modules

Agile Solutions promotes the users training for the full use of SAP functional modules.


The course is aimed at customers interested in obtaining SAP R/3 application concepts, and which want to perform their daily activities in the system better.

SAP Functional Modules

Target audience

Functional, IT and business areas professionals, such as: accountants, sellers, buyers, engineers, productive processes administrators, system analysts, technicians, programmers, etc.

The training goal is the knowledge transfer in a “Key User” vision level of SAP R/3. Therefore, the user can identify the main application modules, perform the system basic resources operation and browsing, and distinguish transactions, processes and concepts that define each module.

sap functional modules

The training includes MM (Materials), PP (Production), SD (Sales and Distribution), FI (financial), and CO (Accounting) modules. Contact us and receive further information.
Also learn how to best leverage the SAP NetWeaver platform, used to complete this training. From this it is possible to design, build, implement and execute new business strategies and processes.


  • Reduction of deadlines in tasks execution;
  • Full knowledge of each module;
  • Support expenses reduction;
  • Increased productivity and end-users self-sufficiency;
  • Operational Excellence;
  • Knowledge collaboration and transfer;
  • Fast adaptation to changes in business processes;
  • Facilitates the system update.



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