Improve the logistic chain collaboration, planning, execution and coordination

The main concerns of an organization when adopting a supply chain management solution are the improvement of customer satisfaction and cost reduction.

Agile helps your company manage the supply chain in an integrated manner. SAP SCM decentralizes the purchase orders and simplifies processes, improves the return of material goods, promotes good planning, generates operational and business efficiency, and enables the delivery of services to the extent these aspects move in a process that goes from supplier to client.


Operational Excellence

Ensure the availability of your products at a minimal cost, at the right time and place, with an efficient Supply Chain management. Speak with one of our experts. SAP SCM allows companies and their partners to easily view supplier and client activities, such as inventory level, orders, forecasts, production plans, and key performance indicators, aimed at the joint planning of an efficient supply chain. In addition, it offers support for the completion of processes through the verification of availability, management of stocks, and delivery.

SAP Advanced Planning & Optimitation (APO)


SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer, APO, is a key element within the application and has become a technical basis for several other solutions. 

It consists of eight levels of applications: network design, detailed scheduling, scheduling transport and vehicles planning, overall availability, supply chain collaboration, and supply chain, demand, and production planning.

Basically, it aims to increase the organization’s performance through real-time updates on the customers’ demand, promoting the improvement of production planning, pricing, scheduling, and product transportation. 

 Supply Network Planning, SNP, is a component of SAP APO. Its goal is to determine the optimal production quantities in order to meet the demand, stock limits, as well as the time lost when switching from one product to another.



·        Reduces inventory turnover and expenses to maintain separate systems;

·        Efficient supply chain visibility;

·        New revenue opportunities;

·        Consumer service quality improvement;

·        Quick response to changes in demand;

·        Global product availability system;

·        Efficient distribution plans.

The SAP SCM software is included in the SAP Business Suite and easily integrates with SAP and non-SAP applications.

 It brings a full range of tools and functions that support adaptable supply chain networks. These tools include Planning, Execution, Coordination, and Collaboration activities.

The solution, designed to serve more than 25 types of industries, is powered by the SAP NetWeaver integration platform, which unifies technology components into a single base, allowing the organizations to reduce the complexity of their IT environments and take advantage of previous investments.


Supply chain predictability, flexibility and speed


When using the processing offered by SAP HANA, the solution helps your company to instantly explore demand and planning data from the entire supply chain demand at various levels of aggregation, and improve the decision-making that allows you to have lower costs and to quickly respond to needs of clients.

Agile’ portfolio includes several SCM implementations. Clients that have transformed their network into a highly responsive supply chain, which helped them meet the demands of the market, satisfy their customer base, and maintain a long-term competitive advantage.


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