Guarantee the provided services quality and efficiency

Independently of the business area – information technology, services management, outsourcing, consultancy, tax auditing, human resources, legal, real estate, Agile provides solutions that help professional services companies to deal with the main challenges of the sector:

  • Increasing competition increase
  • Commodification of services
  • Lack of specialized professionals
  • Increasingly demanding customers.



Proposed solutions

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM);
  • Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC);
  • Financial Management;
  • Business Intelligence (BI);
  • Human Capital Management (HCM/SuccessFactors);
  • Mobility;
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM);
  • Quality Management.

Many products are available on the market, but none is as comprehensive, flexible, scalable, and integrated as Agile solutions for professional services providers. Our solutions portfolio is able to accommodate your applications, third-party systems and the sector’s particularities.

Effectively manage opportunities, resources, revenues and costs

Agile Solutions offers a complete portfolio of solutions dedicated to the professional services sector. These support the most important business processes – from the conquest of new business to invoicing – and help companies identify and focus their strategies on more profitable customers, assign the right projects to the appropriate people and meet  service expectations effectively.

Your company can manage relationships with customers, maximize the use of resources, improve  project and operational efficiency, unit profitability, and adhere to government regulatory requirements. It can also improve  invoicing accuracy, increase visibility and reduce administration costs with integrated data across all departments and geographies.


  • Customer satisfaction improvement (customer loyalty);
  • Capacity to expand the business in a profitable manner;
  • Business processes transparency;
  • Improvement in the services and projects delivery within the estimated deadline and budget;
  • Customers visibility and profitable business;
  • Resources management aligned to demand;
  • Service and labor quality control.

The solutions package for the professional services companies provides flexibility to select the development blocks and implement them in a responsive manner, so that the company obtains a rapid return on investment. Moreover, it offers ready integration and unlimited scalability.

The set of best practices help you implement all SAP core applications without a wide configuration and with reduced cost. The package delivers preconfigured support for key business processes and helps the company to accelerate the implementation and minimize risks.


Processes that improve students performance, satisfaction and retention


Access to information takes place through portals, and portable and mobile devices, which enables users to view and send data using familiar desktop tools.

Professional services companies can also benefit from SAP HANA platform to have instant visibility of their KPIs and perform real-time business monitoring, root cause analysis, risk mitigation, predictive modeling and process optimization. Therefore, executives feel confident to make any kind of decision with the help of simplified reports, generated from transactions and analysis involving a huge amount of data.

Imagine being able to anticipate the impact of a future project on the workforce, and be able to search for external resources as soon as necessary, in addition to ensuring that the right people are engaged in the correct projects. This is just an example of what in-memory technology can bring to the business.

Professional services companies also need flexibility to quickly adapt and so the cloud applications may be beneficial, functioning as a complement to traditional systems.

Mobility solutions give executives access to information on projects and customers  at any time and place.


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