Efficiently responding to organizational changes

Agile offers training for the customer IT team members who want to know more deeply the particularities of the architecture implemented in the organization, so that they can perform the operations administration, users monitoring, and continuous changes in innovation, integrations and risk controls, among other activities that protect the system health and promote its integrity, which reduce the support need.

Solution Management

Target audience and requirements

The program is intended to IT professionals who have basic knowledge of SAP functional modules and infrastructure concepts.

The course is developed on demand, based on the implied professionals’ profile, searching to obtain the best results. It can be presented in the in-company modality or even at Agile Solutions headquarters.

Sustaining high standards of quality

Part of the course content covers the presentation and introduction of users to Run SAP methodology, which provides procedures, standards and tools based on best practices for the operations management, solutions administration, and end-to-end business processes.
Its structure is supported by SAP Solution Manager structure, and with it we established a comprehensive solution management concept in the software entire environment and lifecycle, ensuring the availability, performance, data consistency, and business processes transparency.


  • Improved internal expertise and skills;
  • Costs reduction with the support;
  • High level of standardization and quality;
  • Reduction of TCO (Total cost of ownership);
  • Centralized management for future changes and improvements;
  • Reduced downtime of a system.