Ensure the safety, authenticity and integrity of corporate data with the sefaz system

Brazilian tax legislation has compliance prerequisites that directly impact  company procedures. The proper implementation of SPED Tax and Accounting simplifies the financial management process, as it allows the exchange of information between taxpayers, strengthens  control and inspection, improves  information quality, and reduces the  tax auditors’ visit time.


Legal requirements


SPED EFD Fiscal and SPED ECD Accounting Fiscal: Every 15th day of the subsequent month: SPED Contributions EFD PIS and COFINS: Every 25th day of the subsequent month; FCONT: In April of the following year.

SPED (Sistema Público de Escrituração Digital) aims to promote  tax integration, standardize  ancillary obligations to taxpayers and streamline the identification of errors and fax frauds.

Leading the company with tax intelligence

In 2010, SAP invested in tools and since then Agile Solutions has acquired experience in meeting these requirements using the SAP ECD (Digital Bookkeeping) and EFD (Digital Tax Bookkeeping – PIS/COFINS) solutions.
So, it is possible to transform an obligation into an opportunity and bring improvements in the performance of financial functions, simplifying the corporate financial reports preparation process, implementing controls, and reducing costs.




  • Simplification of tax liabilities;
  • Time and costs reduction in the storage and issuance of documents;
  • Simple information maintenance;
  • Operational efficiency in handling only one system;
  • Agility in the update of layouts and new reports;
  • Easy location of inconsistent data;
  • Tax evasion reduction.


Agile provides technical and business consultancy for companies that are satisfactorily accomplishing SPED requirements. Additionally, it provides the necessary training so that the organization’s tax analysts can use the solution properly to approve, sign and send the reports to the tax authorities. It also prepares them to understand the elements necessary for fillin in the data on  screen in order to generate reports manually.


Using SAP settings, Agile allows companies to generate and perform the maintenance of all reports to the legal requirements, such as: SPED Tax, SPED Accounting, SPED PIS/COFINS, FCONT, DIPJ and EFD SOCIAL, with no need to add new systems and/or interfaces.


A new reality for the processes integration and innovation


SAP ECD/EFD solutions use business SOA concepts, developed on the SAP NetWeaver7.0 platform. These aspects added to the SAP Business Process Platform viability ensure flexibility with any Brazilian market invoicing solution, in addition to simplicity for the technical and integration mapping.

It is worth noting that both SAP ECD and EFD allow the status monitoring and administration via Portal, with full integration to the Secretaria da Fazenda system.

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