More speed and efficiency in the distribution and logistics processes

Many companies suffer for not knowing how to properly deal with the complexity of the supply chain and management of demand, as they are very complex activities.

This results in excessive stocks and elevated costs, leaving the work level far below the expected.


Supply Chain Management

Connecting the company

Agile supports these companies developing tailor-made solutions, which control costs in an advanced manner and manage the entire supply chain lifecycle, helping to increase and improve performance of all areas of the organization. It does not matter if your company is from the retail, automotive, or mineral segments. If it has specific needs regarding the Supply Chain areas, Agile can help you.


Adaptable supply chain network

Developed and customized according to the main needs of the client, the solution can be Cloud-based or OnPremise, and serve the business’ core areas, such as planning, demand, and operations, in addition to offering analytical functions, to compile data and integrate them with SAP systems and legacy systems.

Using the power of SAP HANA , the solutions allow executives to make decisions based on the up-to-date business information, and thus manage the company with the help of granular profitability analyses, predictive intelligence, real-time supply and demand visibility, performance evaluation, and geographic availability.


  • Automated management instead of manual operations, where all consume information from a single source;
  • Access to data via mobile devices;
  • Instant priority identification and KPIs visibility;
  • Business centralized and transparent management;
  • Orders and product availability overview;
  • Real-time business monitoring, root cause analysis, risk mitigation, predictive modeling and processes optimization.