EMPLOYEE CENTRAL is the platform base. The integrated and intuitive tools of Employee Central bring together the employees, organization and talents data into a single solution, in a social and collaborative platform of information management that integrates local and cloud applications, including ERP solutions, payroll, timesheet, and benefits.

GOALS MANAGEMENT helps everyone to understand where the company is going and how the roles and individual/group performances contribute to it success.
Making the goals and workflows visible and offering tools that reinforce the progress, the goals management module helps the employees work as a cohesive team.


PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT module not only improves and streamlines the employees’ analysis and calibration with online tools, but it also helps to identify the best talents, no matter what team or what location they are, and to draw an objective and clear feedback that improves the workforce performance. 

WORKFORCE PLANNING becomes even more important to the extent that an entire generation is close to retirement, bringing the real risk of talents scarcity. Effective planning tools help companies to prepare for sudden changes in workforce, giving them the guarantee to have the right talent to develop the company strategies.

The LEARNING module comprises content management, reporting/courses and analytical resources creation, which allow to synthesize company data and the employee’s performance to optimize your return on learning investment. 

COLLABORATION (Jam) is a social platform that involves employees and makes collaboration and content sharing more effective. With just a few clicks, you can record instruction videos, make screenshots, share documents or post a question or suggestion.


The workforce analysis helps companies to identify trends and act safely to develop strategic initiatives based on ANALYTICAL REPORTS. The module combines talent data to third parties’ information systems to provide a complete picture of the labor force.

SUCCESSION PLANNING provides your company the required visibility to identify and anticipate talent gaps in the organization, in addition to provide the necessary insight to fill these gaps. With support for development plans and succession models for individuals, posts and positions, the module helps you know your talent, manage development plans and calibrate the workforce.

The RECRUITMENT solution includes a comprehensive marketing platform, in addition to social and mobile management tolls easy to use. This system helps companies to find the best professionals, increase the candidates’ involvement, and analyze the effectiveness of recruitment channels.

Well developed and well executed COMPENSATION strategies as an incentive to development make the difference between keeping excellent employees and suffering the critical deprivation of skills. The module allows optimizing the budget, and establishing a clear link between compensation and performance quickly and easily.